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“That’s a Real Job” video preview from YouTube on our STEM career website.

They may seem out there, but these are real jobs! Or they will be soon…

Farming in space, custom designing human organs for transplant, or building robots that do the jobs you don’t want to do - that’s not science fiction, that’s a real job! Watch all of our “That’s a Real Job” videos on our STEM career website.

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Female teacher working on a hands-on activity with magnets with two students in a classroom.

Make an investment in the future of Canadian youth

Thanks to the generosity of donors, Let’s Talk Science is able to offer dynamic STEM-based resources and experiences. Together we are inspiring futures and developing creative, critical thinkers who will lead Canada into the future.

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@LetsTalkScience 16 Oct

Today is #WorldFoodDay. Food is essential for life and a pillar of cultures all over the world. It is important to preserve access to safe and nutritious food. Explore the world of food with your students today with this collection of #STEM activities:

@LetsTalkScience 16 Oct

Yesterday, @SWC_Can celebrated their 50th anniversary. Congratulations! 🎉 Thank you for 50 years of fostering a community of science communicators and for quality scientific information to help Canadians adapt to and understand our always changing world. #SWCC50 #SWCC